SMWS Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Day

Posted by:smwsadm on: May 10, 201612:39 pm


In today’s Graduation Rites for the Grade10 and Grade 6 students, a Baccalaureate Mass first took place this morning. The mass started swiftly. After the homily of the priest, the offertory began. The Seal was offered by Gerard Bernardo, Diplomas by Alexander M. Tuiza and Chanel Moral.

Medals and Certificates were offered by Carlos Miguel Villapando and Emily Grace Teodoro, the Globe by Joe De Leon. Candles were given by Justin Christian Fajardo and Alyssa Apuyan.

The flowers were offered by Lindsay Ella Fegarido, Minji Kang and Ahyoung Lee while fruits were by Matthew Gray Nacorda, Renzo Angelo Jaurigue, Martin Leander and Karl Adiao. Mr. and Mrs. Oreas offered the wine and chalice. After the offertory, Ms. Maria Cecilia A. Pigao, representing the Grade School parents, gave the Speech of Gratitude while Mrs. Emma V. Teodoro for the High School. Then, the medals and certificates were blessed by the priest.