Our Journey Begins

Posted by:smwsadm on: April 6, 201611:22 pm


Every school year needs to be started off with a celebration. As a blessing for the new start of another school year, St. Mary of the Woods School deliberated a Holy Spirit Mass, held at the school ground on July 3, 2015. All high school students were invited to participate in this memorable event.

The place became holy ground as soon as the priest walks to the altar. The mass has started and also a new beginning of a school year. The first reading of the gospel (Eph 2:19-22 ) speaks of us, helping each other, as a society, a community that grows around God and His Church. That we are not just individuals but also a group of people that can make our society better.

The second part of the event is the induction of club and class officers as a witness that they promise to fulfill and live up to all the duties and responsibilities for the welfare of the school. Followed by the speech of the new Student Council Officer President, Nicole Huggins Lim, whom I have interviewed for this matter.

Nicole is very humble, saying that she herself “won’t deny that for some instances, I also love chatting with my friends,” but pauses when a teacher is present and continues on to say that “I know that it is very difficult to be a student sometimes, but do you wonder how much your parents tried hard to put you in a good school?”

One day, we all will look back to what we were and realize how we have developed and improved. We will look where we began our Journey and like President Lim said, “Be proud of ourselves.”