Ground Zero

Posted by:smwsadm on: May 10, 201612:28 pm


St. Mary of the Woods School was invited to view another film in the Green Film Festival held on November 25, 2015 at Walter Mart Makati, this time apropos the subject of earthquakes. The film is entitled, “Ground Zero: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagong Panahon”, produced by GMA and hosted by Vicki Morales.

Before the film started, just like a regular movie showing, trailers of different movies were shown to excite the students and teachers as well as give a small chuckle or thrill. Afterwards, the students ranging from Grades 4 to 10, including the teachers began to focus their full attention to the educational movie that discussed faults, tsunamis and happenings in the event of an earthquake.

The movie talked about the different active faults that can be found in the Philippines and in San Francisco, as well as the possible damages an earthquake will most likely cause. It also showed a glimpse of the damages past earthquakes have caused; in locations such as Baguio City, Japan and more so we could envision ourselves and the world in a quake at modern time.

The film gave us a lot of knowledge on the positions of the faults in the Philippines, the bodies of water nearby our beloved country and most importantly, it enlightened everyone on preparedness for a quake. Being able to understand the cause of earthquakes and their possible destructions helps our chances in surviving such a disaster. Hopefully, the unimaginable will not occur, but preparing for it – physically and mentally will surely ensure our continued existence.

St. Mary of the Woods School will continue to educate its students on the topic concerning earthquakes and hold more practice drills to further train the students and everyone in the community to help ensure safety and most importantly, survival.

Written by: Maria Ianna Kristine Soriano, Grade 8 – Our Lady of Lourdes