.St. Mary's of the woods school .St. Mary's of the woods school .St. Mary's of the woods school .St. Mary's of the woods school .St. Mary's of the woods school
Admission Requirements

New Students/Transferees

  • Report Card or Form 138
  • NSO Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate– photocopy
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character- (All Levels)
  • Recommendation letter- (for Grade 4 to Grade 12 transferees)
  • Latest 2x2 I.D. Pictures – 4 pcs.
      (white background – no sando & sleeveless)
  • Entrance Examination

Old Students

  • Original Report Card or Form 138
  • Latest 2x2 I.D. Picture – 1 pc.
Additional Requirements for Student-applicants under Special Programs Department
  • Progress Report / Medical Report
  • Psycho-educational Assessment Report
  • Progress Report
Additional Requirements for Foreign Students
  • Transcript of Records with Certificate of Authentication by Philippine Embassy
  • Photocopy of passport & VISA
  • Photocopy of Updated Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) – (for permanent residents)
  • Student Visa / Student Study Permit (SSP) (from Bureau of Immigration)
For students with Dual Citizenships - Photocopy of Order of Recognition and/or Identification Certificate of Recognition
      ✓ Submit all requirements at the Registrar's Office for evaluation.
      ✓ Get Student's Registration Form (SRF) form in the Ofiice of the Registrar.
      ✓ Fill-out the Student's Registration Form (SRF)

          Yellow Form- Preschool/Gradeschool

          Blue Form- Junior High School

          Green Form- Senior High School

          Pink Form- Special Programs

          White Form- Enculturation

      ✓ After filling-out, return Student's Registration Form (SRF) at the Office of the Registrar
      ✓ Registrar will encode the information to GL system
      ✓ Registrar will print three copies (3) of enrollment permit (One for the Business Office and two for Office of the Registrar)
      ✓Give enrollment permit to Business Office for payment and get the receipt

      1. Applicants of the transferred students who used to study at St. Mary of the Woods School will be processed as new students, unless specified otherwise by the PSGS, JHS, SHS or the SPD Administrator by virtue of good academic and deportment standings.

      2. Old students who received failing final marks in one or two subjects must take summer extension classes.

      3.Students with three failing subject will autimatically repeat the grade level.

      4. Student who was previously dismissed from the school for disciplinary reasons will not be re-admitted anymore.