About SMWS


St. Mary of the Woods School was founded in 1971, by Mrs. Josefina Pabalan Soriano as a pre-school learning center for children of working mothers. Two years later, due to insistent demands from parents, the school expanded its offerings from pre-school through the different levels of Grade School and High School.

In 1984, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, now called Department of Education, granted full recognition to the school’s pre-school and grade school departments. Later in 1993, the High School department obtained government recognition and it held its first high school graduation in 1994. As the population grew and new programs were produced, the school’s physical plant also expanded.

In 1995, St. Mary of the Woods School through its revised Vision/Mission transformed itself into a caring community, committed to produce “everyday geniuses”. This core value of a “caring community” enriched the school’s educational philosophy, collective outlook, value system, ethical norms, work style and ethos. It changed and revitalized time tested educational practices leading students to greater development and higher performance. Drawing from these supportive and enabling conditions, new programs were created and introduced. Students therefore with special needs and behavioral problems are now given a second chance, and learners coming from diverse cultures with linguistic difficulties are welcomed. Their skills are strengthened and their self- esteem is developed.

.St. Mary's of the woods school

On September 20, 2001, St. Mary of the Woods School was formally recognized as a member of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP). Outside recognition and current realities led the school to enrich its academic, co- curricular and extra-curricular programs toward conscious effort to help the poor through exposure and involvement in an effort to build “community within community.”

Currently, the Pre-school, Grade School, High School and Special Programs Departments implement academic programs to suit individual needs, the government’s educational requirements with emphasis on wholistic education – but always having the school’s vision/ mission in mind. Various support units inclusive of the Library, Guidance and Counseling, Registrar, Business Office and the Canteen help the overall operations of the school. Each of these units is functionally specialized and autonomous but accountable to a general and overall Executive Board, chaired by the President/ Executive Administrators.

External relations of the school include organizations based on focused needs of the school and its clientele. These include the following:

  • Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)
  • Asian Psychological Services and Assessment Inc. (APSA)
  • Scholastics – Reading Assessment and Enrichment Program
  • Therapy Centers
  • Organizations of Doctors that deal with special and focused needs of students
  • Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD Society)
  • Association of Private Schools Administrators of Makati (APSAM)
  • Environmental Education of the Philippines
  • The Holy Family Parish
  • Barangay San Isidro, Makati
  • Bully Proof PH

Creating new partnerships are on-going to re-invent, enrich and improve the school’s academic and co/ extra-curricular offerings focusing on laying the ground-work for students’ acquisition of a new world view achieved thru globalization and the world’s efforts of effective cooperation amongst nations. But inspite of all these, St. Mary of the Woods School continuous to maintain its vision/ mission.

.St. Mary's of the woods school


To provide a supportive environment where learners seek and find challenges that will lead them to their greatest growth and eventually to the highest performance of which they are capable. St. Mary of the Woods School intends to build a caring community to produce “everyday geniuses” by:

  • Creating the classroom into an environment where the students develop genuine appreciation for learning through meaningful learning processes.
  • Facilitating learning experiences that are perceived by the students as having the potential to make a difference in their lives.
  • Implementing an atmosphere that acknowledges and strives to satisfy students’ basic affective/ motivational needs where they feel safe to take risks for learning and feel well-known and accepted.
.St. Mary's of the woods school


St. Mary of the Woods School is a private, Catholic, coeducational institution that commits itself to developing students by enabling them to enjoy learning to finally realize the enormous potentials they have.

.St. Mary's of the woods school

School's Aims and Objectives

St. Mary of the Woods School, aware of its vision-mission, aspires to educate its students by:

  • Recreating a Natural Learning Environment
  • Adopting Strategies that Reinforce a Caring Community
  • Learning by Experience
  • Learning to Think
  • Learning Basic Skills

School Hymn

Hail, Alma mater, Hail
St. Mary of the Woods School
We'll hold you up high
Your banner will shine
Forever, forever

We won't stop till we reach our goal
Your light will strenghten us all
We'll hold you up high
Your banner will shine
Forever, forever

We lift our hearts, we pledge our loyalty
To bring you home to victory
Your light will guide us
Your love will strenghten us

Hail, Alma mater, Hail
Hail, Alma mater, Hail