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St. Mary of the Woods School

St. Mary of the Woods School is a Catholic co-educational institution that is committed to building a caring community to produce everyday geniuses.

  • Where other schools see only students’ potentials, we identify each and every CHILD'S GIFT
  • Where others see problems, we see GENIUS
  • Where others focus on failure, we see HOPE - we EMPOWER
  • Where others give up, we give even more because we CARE
St. Mary's of the woods school
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St. Mary's of the woods school

Woods Everyday Geniuses

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In SMWS, the students are surrounded by an atmosphere of fearless and active enjoyment of life’s lessons- by encouraging affectionate and positive responses- which create an expectancy of success both in the learners and the teachers, as well as the parents. Everyone endeavors to establish an environment that supports the potentials for human growth of… View Article


2016 Commencement Exercises

Guest Speaker: Ms. Marjorie G. Ofaga

St. Mary of the Woods School’s 22nd commencement exercises was held at the Immaculate Mother Center last March 19. Graduation Day is often described as both the beginning and ending. To the Grade 6 and 4th year students of batch 2015-2016, this graduation is the start of everything. Each graduate begins to pave a way… View Article